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Couples Counselling

It is very difficult for any couple to manage the daily stresses of life without some level of disagreement or conflict with your significant other. Sometimes, however, it isn’t easy to know if the level of conflict that you’re experiencing is “normal”, or if the patterns that you might be developing in your communication style together can be shifted.

You may be in a long-term relationship, or you may be trying to determine if you should further commit to one another through marriage. Whatever stage you are at, couples counselling offers a safe and professional space for you to explore your difficulties together. In a non-judgmental way, we will work together to understand what might be the deeper issues at work between the two of you and we will explore the ways that you can improve how you navigate conflict.

Whether you would like to improve your communication style, deal with a specific issue in your relationship, or understand if it makes sense to stay together, marriage counselling can provide clarity about the issues you are facing, and tools to better understand and work through your problems.