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Money Matters

Just as we form relationships with people, we also form a relationship with money. For some people that’s a good relationship, and for others it is troubling. You might encounter any one of the following scenarios in your life:

  • Difficulty saving money
  • Reluctance to spend and enjoy money
  • Arguing with your spouse over money
  • Feeling controlled by money
  • Retirement anxiety
  • Money issues coming between you and other family members
  • Anxiety over money
  • Difficulty confronting financial problems

These are just some of the forms that money problems can take, and sometimes those problems aren’t actually just about money. They may be about some other fear or anxiety that is playing out in your financial life.

“Money Therapy”

Just as we do in other areas of life, we carry with us into adulthood certain attitudes and behaviours that pertain to money. And, similar to other areas of life, we developed some of those perspectives in the context of our early life experience and other major influences over the years. We can work together to explore how your relationship with money has developed over time, and where that relationship could use some focused attention. In therapy, we can talk about this openly in a way that you might not be able to do in your everyday life.