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How Psychotherapy Helps

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process in which we work together to explore where you are right now, and try to understand the difficulties which have brought you to therapy. We do this through a series of regular sessions, which are hopefully scheduled at the same time each week in order to afford you the reliability of a consistent time-frame that is set aside just for you.

Your relationship with me is free of judgment, and therefore your sessions are a safe place for you to explore your thoughts and emotions. I will bring everything I have to the therapy relationship: warmth, insight, humour, attention, and life experience.

Above all, you will have the experience of feeling deeply listened to, which is something that for most of us often doesn’t happen in our everyday life, work, and relationships. For many people, therapy is a truly new and rich experience of how to be with another person.

You in Relationship

For many people, the term “relationship counselling” can mean working on your primary relationship with your significant other.

But we also have relationships with lots of other people, too: parents, siblings, friends, bosses, colleagues, etc. You may find that you are often at odds with a certain person in your life, or perhaps you find yourself in a repetitive type of conflict with any number of people. This might mean that you have subconscious patterns, or “ways of being”, that are tricky when you are in important relationships with other people.

Psychotherapy can help with this because we can work together to help you understand why some of these problems occur. While it’s true that you can’t change the other person with whom you are having difficulty, if you can shift your own approach, you will likely change a negative dynamic between you and the other person in a positive way.